Sara Alessandrini

Sara is a Very High Cost Cases Supervisor with 25 years experience of criminal defence. She specialises in international crime and has travelled the world in pursuit of justice for her clients. Sara is a Partner in the firm and has been instrumental in steering the firm to the elevated position it holds today. She offers a compassionate yet realistic approach to her clients and is recognised for her relentless commitment. Her outstanding academic background is put to good use in her detailed and analytical approach to her client’s case.

Her caseload of terrorism, war crimes and genocide inevitably pigeonholes her in the bracket of Human Rights Lawyer. Notwithstanding her pride in being recognised for her international work she also has a broad range of domestic clients. Whilst that work is usually at the serious and complex end of the scale she offers a private fee service to less serious but individually important cases. Consistent with our guarantee to respond to all emails seeking our help, Sara will carefully consider any approach made to see if she can personally assist or direct the case to a suitable member of the firm.
Sara is fluent in both written and spoken Italian.

A small sample of Sara's Cases

  • R v Z – International War Crimes
  • R v M – international genocide
  • R v O – Terrorism
  • R v M – complex and multi-defendant murder
  • R v S – murder defence benefitting from language skills
  • R v W – £10 million + money laundering
  • R v J – army officers selling logistics to the enemy
  • R v X – solicitor charged with large-scale dishonesty
  • R v C – death by dangerous driving
  • R v M – multiple deaths by dangerous driving
On a private fee basis Sara appears for professionals and other defendants facing disproportionate consequences if convicted of a criminal offence.