Fri. Feb 12th, 2021

When is it necessary to modify the exhaust system?

The exhaust system is designed to remove exhaust gases from the combustion chamber in such a way that it does not affect the engine power, their filtering and noise suppression generated by the combustion process. Standardly installed systems perform their function, and their more than enough for people who usually use the car. However, there are situations where the modification of the exhaust system is necessary.

Modification of the exhaust system - why?
The modification of the exhaust system is a fairly common procedure to which many are solved to improve the characteristics of the car. His goal is primarily to improve the dynamics of the car. Changes can also sharpen your gas reaction and change the sound of your exhalation. The modification of the exhaust system is necessary when making major changes, such as the installation of a larger turbocharger. Also for people who participate in rally or races, the tuning of the exhaust system for the sporty option is one of the main events.

Any changes made to the exhaust system affect the engine performance, accelerating the exhaust output.

Design of the exhaust system
The exhaust system consists of the following components:

the exhaust manifold - next to the engine, collects the streams of exhaust gases into one and transmits them further,
catalyst - responsible for reducing harmful gases,
silencer - muffles especially high tones,
The end muffler - muffles low tones.
The correct modification of the exhaust system requires great knowledge and experience, so you should not do it yourself.
What to do and what not to do?
The modification of the exhaust system begins with replacing the collector from the cast iron on the steel with a polished inside. This change causes a noticeable increase in power, especially noticeable in high engine speeds. Some people prefer to abandon the collector at all, which should not be done exactly. Although it provides greater power gain, the lambda probe is often required, which, therefore, can send false information. Sometimes it is even necessary to reprogram the engine.

Another change can be the replacement of the catalyst for a sports with a metal insert. Reduces exhaust gas resistance by accelerating their exhaust. The replacement also concerns the muffler and the nozzle, which leads to it. It should be wider than standard, but not so much to create vortices in it. All modifications must be carefully thought out. Custom cakes to order on in New Zealand.