Rose Nelson

There is no doubt about it – Rose Nelson is the No.1. She does more for her clients than any one else in criminal defence. 


Rose Nelson is a senior legal consultant with a wealth of experience in defending a broad spectrum of criminal offences. Specialising in serious crime, Rose’s reputation is cemented by her acquittal rates in high profile cases, frequently attracting national coverage.

Rose has a unique repour with both clients and forensic experts and has frequently been commended on her excellent client care skills and knowledge of the wider prison and probation services.

The knowledge and experience gained from working over 25 years in the Criminal Justice System is clearly demonstrated in a selection of her most recent notable cases listed below.


R v M (2019) – Central Criminal Court –M one of 4 defendants acquitted of murder. A 7 week trial for a shooting in Bedford involving the disposal of evidence, and uncovering senior police misconduct and criminality.

R v T (2017) – Central Criminal Court – T one of three defendants and the only to be acquitted of murder. An alleged ‘gang related’ stabbing outside a University halls of residence in Wembley, London.

R v A (2017) – Central Criminal Court – A acquitted of 2 x Attempted murder. A drive by shooting whereby an innocent bystander was hit in Wembley, London. Case receiving press coverage due to the high profile nature of A.

R v E (2017) – Central Criminal Court – E charged with attempted murder with the case being dismissed before trial. A shooting at a party in Norwood, London attracting mass social media coverage.

R v K (2017) – Central Criminal Court – K received a 10 year sentence for Possession of a Firearm with Intent to Endanger Life x 2 and Possession of Ammunition. K was extradited back to the UK following a shooting at 2 police officers on duty.

R v W (2015) – Central Criminal Court – W acquitted of murder. A ‘gang related’ shooting in a nightclub in central London. The defence utilised numerous forensic experts and arranged for witnesses to be summonsed from Jamaica to assist the defence. This case attracted mass media attention and national press coverage.


R v S (2019) – Snaresbrook Crown Court – Acquitted of Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs. Alleged “County Lines” multi-handed drugs conspiracy involving 5 defendants in the supply of drugs in the Canterbury and Kent area.

R v H (2019) – Croydon Crown Court – H Acquitted of Conspiracy to Supply Class B drugs and Allowing a Premises to be used for the Supply of Class B, of a 9 handed drugs conspiracy. Strong legal arguments made by the defence and the case was dismissed the day before the trial.

R v A (2018) – Kingston Crown Court – A 10 year sentence secured at a Newton hearing for a multi handed Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs of 50 kilos. Other defendants on the same case fetching in excess of 20 years imprisonment.

R v D (2018) – Exeter Crown Court – Suspended sentence secured for Possession with Intent to Supply Class A drugs, a ‘County Lines’ offence. D received suspended sentence for a substantial amount of Class A drugs found.

R v A (2017) –Croydon Crown Court – Suspended sentence secured for a 4 x Possession with Intent to Supply Class A drugs, amounting to 4 Kilograms.

R v C (2017) – Wood Green Crown Court – Acquitted of Possession with Intent to Supply Class A drugs. Relying on the lack of, and incomplete forensic DNA analysis undertaken by the police to secure the acquittal.

Violent Crimes

R v H (2019) –Wood Green Crown Court – Sentenced xxxxx for GBH with Intent, whereby the allegation started as Attempted murder, for a road rage incident where the defendant attacked the other drive with a golf club and split his skull open.

R v L (2019) – Harrow Crown Court – L acquitted of a Robbery and Possessing a Bladed Article at trial. L acquitted of Robbery with 3 previous convictions for Robbery in the same vicinity – the Neasden area.

R v M (2018) – Isleworth Crown Court – M received a suspended sentence for an attack on two prison officers who both sustained substantial injury.

R v S (2018) – Harrow Crown Court – S was acquitted of GBH section 18 and Affray at trial. A ‘gang related’ stabbing in Wembley where S had attended a house party with friends.

R v I (2016) – Woolwich Crown Court – Acquitted of Actual bodily harm at trial. Knives were allegedly brandished.

Serious Fraud & Confiscation

R v M (2018) – Inner London Crown Court –M sentence was deferred and then a Suspended Sentence was received for Possession with Intent to Supply Class B x 2 and Concealing Criminal Property x 2.

R v J (2016) – Croydon Crown Court – J received a Suspended Sentence for a Conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation in excess of £500,000, the offence involving a sophisticated operation of mortgage fraud.

Sexual Offences

R v B (2019) – Inner London Crown Court – B acquitted of three Counts of rape. The involvement of cell site experts and legal argument regarding the reliability of the police ID procedure.

R v J (2016) – Southampton Crown Court – J acquitted of a historical rape allegation at trial – a consensual relationship was proven between J and complainant.