Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

James O’Keeffe

James O’Keeffe

By way of introduction to Jim’s criminal pedigree. Jim has been a defendant (gaming in the street or penny against the wall – charges dismissed at  Well Street Magistrates Court) defence barrister, defence solicitor. He has prosecuted and been a prosecution witness (he was stabbed !). And now a judge in the Crown Court (Recorder – part time).

Jim is a solicitor and a barrister and Recorder of the Crown Court with over 30 years experience of defending in the most serious and complex cases. This dual qualification allows him to appear as both instructing solicitor and advocate and hence he has appeared as trial advocate in many of the most complex and important trials. He is a leading trainer and educator. He has provided training and education to over 100 students who have gone on to practice law as a career. When he is instructed he will appoint a team that is best suited to secure justice for your case. He is one of the most respected criminal defence lawyers in the City of London.

As the only fraud lawyer in England and Wales to be elected by his peers to represent them as the Chair of the Very High Costs Cases Panel he has firmly established himself a first choice lawyer for all fraud related matters. He has appeared and continues to appear as both solicitor and advocate in the largest and most complex fraud cases.

Jim is uniquely placed to deal with immigration related fraud. Having trained so many immigration lawyers and run one of the largest immigration firms in the UK, it is to Jim that schools and colleges turn when dealing with risk assessments and procedures that illuminate the fear of being embroiled in criminal investigations. Such investigations disrupt business and can have serious consequences both financial and penal.

Not withstanding his particular expertise in fraud related cases he has over the years appeared for terrorists, warlords and cyber criminals. He has travelled the world to secure justice for his clients. His high profile client base is constantly expanding and is a reflection of his vast experience in providing robust and realistic advice coupled with a pro-active pursuit of justice for his clients.

A small sample of Jim’s Cases

  • Robinson’s Fraud – the longest and most complex lawyers fraud in UK Courts
  • R v T-S – the largest VAT fraud in UK Courts
  • R v P – the largest cyber fraud in UK Courts (advocate)
  • R v Z – only prosecution of an Afghani Warlord in UK Courts (advocate)
  • R v W – the largest value money-laundering case in UK Courts
  • 21/7 Terrorists Attack – the longest terrorist trial in UK Courts (advocate)
  • Daniel Morgan Murder – longest murder trial in UK Courts (advocate)
  • Rwandan Genocide – the largest number of murder victims in UK Courts
Some far less serious cases can mean the career of the defendant is in jeopardy. Mr. O’Keeffe regularly appears as the advocate in these privately funded cases
  • R v A – acquittal of doctor charged with assaulting police
  • R v N – acquittal of nurse charged with assaulting patient
  • R v S – acquittal of black taxi driver charged with common assault