Fri. Feb 12th, 2021

How to start a successful online casino business

Various industry experts predict that the online casino business will grow by an average of 12% a year over the next five to seven years, being a perfect example. This is a good time to join the industry. With three out of five businesses failing in their first year, here are some useful tips to help start a successful online casino business with a reputation for safety, reliability and integrity.

Level of investment

Opening an online casino can cost tens of thousands of dollars, although the costs will vary. The most cost-effective way to launch new casino sites is to partner with an online casino if you have skills and experience in online marketing. To ensure a high return on investment, you will need to invest in exciting and engaging gaming content with an attractive rewards and bonuses system that is compatible across all platforms.

Although affiliate casinos often launch within two to three months and cost less than developing your own online casino platform, the provider controls the games that will be available. On the positive side, they also provide a licence along with payment services, customer support and more. An unaffiliated online casino can take anywhere from three months to one year to launch, as they are customised according to customer requirements.


Online casinos must be licensed. A licence means that the business must comply with the laws and regulations of the granting body, including requirements for safety, fairness and responsible gaming. This shows that you are a law-abiding operator. Gambling licences are issued by several bodies around the world, including Curacao eGaming, the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gambling Authority, each with their own costs and reputations.

Choose reliable casino software

It's crucial to choose reliable gambling software, and this will require serious market research to make sure you have games that are suitable for your target audience. Choose the best for your customers, which includes quality animations, graphics and sound, excellent customer service, robust security systems, user-friendly interface, payment methods and supported currencies, as well as a multilingual platform.

You should also make sure that you have the best possible business agreement with the software company, which includes pricing and warranty terms. Check out the game reviews and security features as well as the individual terms of cooperation, certificates and technical support that must be part of the business agreement.

Game content

There is stiff competition between online casino operators, so it is important to offer a variety of game content to stand out in a crowded market. A portfolio of games from different genres will attract a wider range of players and ensure that games are available for mobile devices, as this is the fastest growing sector in the business. Consider including live video streaming features with live dealers or adding a betting service.

Marketing and promotion

Promotions and marketing will encourage players to visit your site, with loyalty programmes specifically designed to reward loyal players. Secure, verified payment methods will be an important part of your marketing campaign, as options are available for traditional payment methods and major electronic payment systems, including cryptocurrencies, supported by fraud protection and advanced risk management.

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