success in double murder case

O’Keeffe Solicitors are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of their representation of a young client charged with murder.

Following detailed studies of cell-site analysis and with help from our dedicated legal research team we were able to prevent a trial following charges being brought by the Crown Prosecution Service against our client.

Given the seriousness of the charges and the likely high publicity factors of a trial for a double murder, establishing the innocence of our client at the outset and before a full trial could take place represents an extremely favourable outcome for all parties.

As solicitors that believe in innocence, our representation in this matter further cements our reputation as being a leading firm of criminal defence solicitors and a firm with the dedicated resources and experience to secure favourable client outcomes at all stages in the criminal legal process.

Most importantly, our intervention and representation has ensured that a possible miscarriage of justice has been prevented for an innocent young client who would likely have received a life tariff and a 30 year custodial sentence.

visa fraud - uk solicitors

Education and Visa Fraud

Mr O’Keeffe is on hand to deal with the criminal investigations associated with the Government investigation into alleged fraud in a number of colleges linked to foreign students.

legal advice for turkey

Istanbul to Constantinople

O’Keeffe Solicitors have over twenty years experience in matters relating to international and multi jurisdictional representation.

This includes visa, travel and financial enquiries as well as advice and assistance to clients on a domestic and international basis.

Richard Jeffries and Sara Allessandrini are the solicitors within our firm who have extensive experience with international clients and can advise in matters including fraud, confiscation, extradition and general criminal law.
Recent successful outcomes have included representation in several visa and extradition matters and we have recently successfully represented an international client who was held in transit at the Turkish border and made subject to detailed financial investigations.

Richard secures drugs acquittal

Congratulations to Richard Cronin who has recently helped secure a favourable outcome in a drugs supply case.

Richard helped represent and secure expert legal counsel for a client accused of supplying drugs and provided experienced assistance in negotiating a reduction in the charges faced. This ensured that our client, who was facing a sentence of up to three years in prison, was instead given a warning and a £300 fine.

As experienced lawyers representing many clients on charges involving drugs we have an expert knowledge not just of what constitutes innocence or guilt for those we represent, but also helping those charged with negotiating the legal procedures which can greatly minimise the severity of sentencing or reshape serious charges toward lesser punishments.

Given the personal circumstances and profile of his client, Richard was extremely pleased to secure a favourable outcome in this case and we look forward to representing future cases and welcome enquiries from potential clients in similar circumstances.

£20,000 security returned

A sunny day just got better for HA the security for a defendant who absconded. OKS prepared a detailed application which the Judge completely agreed with, came in to court and said “… Give that man his money back …”. In a nutshell it is all about the preparation.

Richard Jefferies gets another NG

We are pleased to announce another successful defence under the guidance of Richard. The client faced a very difficult and complex fraud. Thanks to Richard’s outstanding work we have another very happy client.

Don’t steal from the blind

It is never a happy day when a client goes to prison. However Mr O’Keeffe’s skilful mitigation and sentence preparation secured a sentence of only 5 months custody for a client who stole £35,000 from an elderly and blind man; he had been advised by his previous lawyer to expect 2 years.

Richard gets rape case dropped

Richard Cronin always works to stop a case in its tracks. Our client was delighted to learn that the rape allegation he faced at the police station has now been dropped. Well done to Richard.

Supreme Court grants leave

The Supreme Court has granted leave to appeal with an expedited hearing for our client seeking to call evidence in the absence of the prosecution. The case relates to witnesses who are unwilling to support our extradition defence if their identity is disclosed to the requesting State.

High Court bail victory

Mr Justice Collins agrees with Mr O’Keeffe that HHJ Ader, Wood Green Crown Court, was wrong to deny bail to AI. The judge had reached conclusions that no judge could have reasonably reached. Not content with that behavior of the Crown Court Judge, Mr O’Keeffe took the exceptional course of appealing the decision to the High Court